I feel like I could make this a really long, dramatized, interesting post.  You know, pauses for effect and all that… But I really don’t feel like it. -and since […]

I don’t think this post will be long. I’m not sure what to say, and I’m frustrated, and I hate posting negative posts.  Jason encouraged me, however, to go ahead […]

We left so, so early in the morning. But… at least Trevor was excited. Two flights, a lot of Koen-squawks, and some lame Dunkin’ Donuts later, we arrived at DCA […]

A few weeks ago, a kind soul reached out to me on Facebook.  She said,  “Jackie, I read your recent post on your blog about your son that insurance denied […]

As in other lapses in posts, the reason there have been no posts lately is because there is nothing new to report.  We have been waiting since March for approval […]

People say knowledge is power.   I think I understand that today in some ways, though, perhaps it depends on how much knowledge.  I’m learning that just a little bit of […]

I promised some new info. I have some.Sort of. I’ll go back to the spinal tap.  What the neuro was looking for was low dopamine levels. If his spinal fluid […]

I’ve been discouraged by the lack of progress in this diagnosis process, and there hasn’t been much to write about until now. Yes… since AUGUST… not much has happened as […]

We waited months for Trevor’s EMG. It took weeks just to get a call about an appointment. Finally, we were called and told that Trevor had an appointment for March […]

Dr. Butterfield suggested that Trevor begin physical therapy while we searched for a diagnosis.       At first, Trevor started at a local therapy center, but we soon realized that Trevor […]